Welcome to the BigID Education Portal!

All BigID training activities are managed through this portal. Learners interested in attending a training session can use this portal to find relevant course options and upcoming sessions, request to enroll in a class, access class content, and take a certification exam. You may also review our certifications page that explains our certification program in detail.

Please note that some site sections are open to all, while other sections may require you to be signed in or to be enrolled in a class.

Course Formats

BigID education offerings are available in different modalities:

  • Physical classrooms are paid instructor-led training events routinely delivered at global BigID locations, and are open for all customers and partners to enroll .
  • Online classrooms are identical to physical classrooms in scope and content, but are delivered virtually over a shared desktop session to learners at remote locations and at the convenience of their office .
  • Dedicated courses are exclusive to one organization and delivered on-site or virtually, combining the full academic experience with content tailored to your specific needs and the convenience of your location .
  • Self-paced courses are available to take online on-demand, and are structured as interactive lessons combining theory with hands-on practice to deliver full courses in select knowledge domains .

Using the Education Portal

For all instructor-led classes, instructions will be provided at the beginning of the session on how to check-in and access all course materials and resources.

Self-paced courses are also offered through this Education Portal, and are fully delivered to your browser as a series of videos, quizzes and other interactive content.