BigID Certified Administrator (BIGID-B-ADMN)
4. Certifications
BigID Certified Administrator (BIGID-B-ADMN)
Focuses on technical areas related to BigID deployment and operations, including BigID deployment, configuration, maintenance and troubleshooting. Requires completion of the BigID Professional or Administrator course.
BigID Certified Professional (BIGID-B-PROF)
4. Certifications
BigID Certified Professional (BIGID-B-PROF)
Focuses on all knowledge domains including general personal data regulations, privacy automation techniques, BigID deployment, usage and value generation, administration and support. Requires completion of the BigID Professional course.
BigID Certified User (BIGID-B-USER)
4. Certifications
BigID Certified User (BIGID-B-USER)
Focuses on general personal data regulations, privacy automation techniques, BigID usage, use cases and value generation. Requires completion of the BigID Professional or User course.
BigID Certified Expert (BIGID-B-XPRT)
4. Certifications
BigID Certified Expert (BIGID-B-XPRT)
Focuses on advanced data governance, privacy and security use cases, practical BigID deployment and operations, and deep hands-on familiarity with all standard usage, administration and support tasks. Requires completion of the BigID Expert course.
BigID Administrator Course (BIGID-C-ADMN)
2. Instructor-Led Courses
BigID Administrator Course (BIGID-C-ADMN)
Intended for customer and partner technical staff responsible for deploying and operating the BigID platform in their environment. To provide administrative context, this course touches upon the user interface, but its main focus is on technical...
BigID Professional Course (BIGID-C-PROF)
2. Instructor-Led Courses
BigID Professional Course (BIGID-C-PROF)
This is our most popular course. Designed for BigID customers and partners who seek a multi-disciplinary understanding of BigID in a condensed format, this course combines User and Administrator courses into one, and is intended for anyone who...
BigID User Course (BIGID-C-USER)
2. Instructor-Led Courses
BigID User Course (BIGID-C-USER)
Intended for customers and partners who use BigID to generate value and improve data privacy, governance and security areas. The topics are specifically designed for business-oriented platform users, with a focus on "how to" perform common use...
BigID Expert Course (BIGID-C-XPRT)
2. Instructor-Led Courses
BigID Expert Course (BIGID-C-XPRT)
Designed for experienced technical personnel looking for advanced, practical and multi-disciplinary understanding of the BigID platform, and that will be deploying, using, administering and supporting the BigID platform independently. This course...
BigID Business Applications (BIGID-S-APPS)
3. Self-Paced Courses
BigID Business Applications (BIGID-S-APPS)
This course is designed for people who use BigID to derive business value for data privacy, protection, and perspective. It starts with an introduction to the Data Intelligence Platform and BigID applications, continues with data discovery...
BigID Data Discovery (BIGID-S-DISC)
3. Self-Paced Courses
BigID Data Discovery (BIGID-S-DISC)
Designed for BigID users who manage BigID's data discovery operations, this course covers data source and correlation set declaration, scan profile configuration, and data scan execution. It also explores scan result refinement through actions...

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