BigID Education Guide


The BigID education program is open to all BigID customers and partners and is aimed at helping them make the most of the BigID platform. Our broad educational portfolio offers a structured learning framework to advance learners from beginner level to expert based on their individual business role and career path, and combines formal classes with practical hands-on labs and best practices to heighten real-world readiness. The program also includes optional certification to officially recognize BigID competence.

In addition, we also offer a variety of other highly-targeted courses addressing unique knowledge needs of partners and of the extended BigID community.

Course Formats

BigID education offerings are available in different modalities:

  • BigID classrooms are paid training events routinely delivered physically at global BigID locations and open for all customers and partners to enroll.
  • Online classrooms are identical to BigID classrooms in scope and content, but are delivered online over a desktop sharing session to learners at remote locations and at the convenience of their own office.
  • Dedicated courses are exclusive to a specific customer/partner and delivered at your site or online, combining the full academic experience with content tailored for your specific needs and the comfort of your own location.
  • Self-paced courses (coming soon) are available to take online at any time, and are structured as interactive lessons combining theory and significant hands-on practice to deliver full courses in select knowledge domains.

All BigID training activities are managed through the BigID Education Portal at Learners interested in attending a training event can use this portal to find relevant course options and upcoming sessions, request to enroll in a class, access their class content, and take a certification exam.

Our education team at and your BigID account representative are happy to provide additional details on any aspect of our education program – please contact us with any questions about specific training options, session schedules, and certifications.

Course Portfolio

BigID offers a variety of customer and partner courses, as well as other general privacy-related workshops. All courses evolve constantly to cover the latest BigID product capabilities and current business landscape.

User/Administrator Track

BigID User Course (2 days)

Focuses on BigID usage and use cases, and designed for customer and partner teams tasked with using BigID to generate value and improve the organization’s privacy and compliance aspects. This course includes an introduction to BigID, data protection topics, deep coverage of all user-related screens and all core use cases, and significant hands-on practice focusing on user aspects. The course does not go deeply into technical areas and is therefore a good fit for non-technical learners, but it does touch on some administrative topics as an enrichment.

BigID Administrator Course (2 days)

Heavily focuses on all technical topics related to BigID sizing, deployment, customization, administration and maintenance, and designed for customer and partner technical teams responsible for rolling out and operating BigID in their respective environments. This course also includes significant hands-on practice focusing on all common technical tasks. This course does not go deeply into usage topics and does not focus on using BigID to generate value, but it does provide basic coverage of user screens and use cases for better administrative context.

BigID Professional Course (2 days)

Designed for BigID customers and partners looking for multi-disciplinary understanding of BigID in a condensed format, and that will be deploying, using, administering and supporting the BigID platform. This course combines the User and Administrator courses into one program, and includes an introduction to BigID, data protection topics, familiarization with the user interface, main use cases and practical value generation, and coverage of the main deployment, administration and maintenance topics taught in both theory and practice.

BigID Expert Course (2 days)

Designed for BigID customers and partners looking for advanced, practical and multi-disciplinary understanding of the BigID platform, and that will be deploying, using, administering and supporting the BigID platform independently. This course includes a reprise of BigID core topics, deep familiarization with the BigID user interface, practical implementation of advanced use cases, hands-on drills on various deployment and setup tasks, deep coverage of administrative and data analysis areas, and practical troubleshooting exercises.

* Pre-requisite: successful completion of the BigID Professional Course.

Sales/Industry Track

BigID Sales Primer (75 minutes)

Designed for BigID internal and external sales reps that will be providing the initial sales overview of the BigID solution to prospective customer executive teams. This course covers both the presentation part and the demonstration part of the sales overview session, and highlights relevant topics including BigID value and differentiators, areas of focus for the main buyers, solution positioning per persona, and presentation/demo delivery best practices.

BigID Sales Workshop (75 minutes)

Designed for BigID reseller/integrator partners looking for general understanding of the BigID offering in a sales, pre-sales and consulting context, and responsible for positioning, presenting and demonstrating the BigID solution to prospects. This course focuses on various topics including sales overview focus areas, relevant privacy regulations, BigID positioning for the main buyers, and effective delivery of the BigID sales presentation and demonstration. This course does not focus on deep product knowledge.

BigID Privacy Workshop (75 minutes)

Designed for privacy professionals looking to expand their knowledge of industry challenges stemming from current global privacy regulations, and to explore modern approaches to driving compliance, including identifying and cataloging personal data across large business environments, connecting personal data to individuals, fulfilling personal data rights, documenting personal data flows, calculating data risk, tracking data policy compliance, and handling potential data breaches.

Pricing and Schedule

BigID Classrooms and Online Classrooms

All BigID classrooms and online classrooms are offered at least once a quarter in every region, and are open for all customers and partners to enroll. BigID classrooms are delivered in BigID’s training centers around the globe, while online classrooms are delivered remotely. Additional sessions may be scheduled ad-hoc based on demand.

The following table summarize all available BigID and online classroom options and prices:




Code and Notes

BigID Professional

2 Days

$1,000 per student.


BigID User

2 Days

$1,000 per student.


BigID Administrator

2 Days

$1,000 per student.


BigID Expert

2 Days

$1,000 per student.

Online participation is discouraged.

BigID Sales Primer

75 Minutes


Only offered as an online classroom.

BigID Sales Workshop

75 Minutes



Only offered as an online classroom.

BigID Privacy Workshop

75 Minutes



Only offered as an online classroom.


For an up-to-date classroom and online course schedule, see the upcoming classroom session dates or the classroom calendar on the BigID Education Portal (must be logged in – create your own free account first if needed). This schedule typically shows all sessions planned to three months ahead and across all geographies. Learners interested in signing up for a specific session can do so by opening the Send message screen under Messages, and sending an enrollment request to the System Administrators.

Dedicated Courses

In addition to the shared classrooms delivered at a BigID location or online, BigID also offers private courses delivered at your own site or online, covering the same content like a classroom but with all discussions tailored to your specific environment and needs, and the agenda optimized to fit your learners’ and scheduling requirements.

The following table summarize all available dedicated course options and prices:




Code and Notes

BigID Professional

2 Days

Per BigID’s standard hourly service rate, and T&E additional.


BigID User

2 Days

Per BigID’s standard hourly service rate, and T&E additional.


BigID Administrator

2 Days

Per BigID’s standard hourly service rate, and T&E additional.


BigID Expert

2 Days

Per BigID’s standard hourly service rate, and T&E additional.



Please note that dedicated courses incur addition travel expenses (usually expensed at cost following the customer’s travel policy guidelines). Also, dedicated courses normally require some preparation to maximize their value. Prior to the dedicated session, the BigID trainer will set up a planning call to finalize the tailoring scope and to discuss other aspects.

Dedicated courses are usually limited to up to 20 students in class to encourage an interactive and personalized learning environment. When on-site, the trainer will require a projector or TV, and access to wi-fi. Students are encouraged to bring their laptops to the class to run hands-on exercises.

To learn more about dedicated course options and to schedule a dedicated course, please contact the BigID education team at or your BigID representative.

Self-Paced Courses

Self-based courses (available later in 2019) are fully delivered online and you can complete them at your own pace and at the convenience of your own office and browser. These courses are available at all times and require you to enroll in the BigID Education Portal to sign-up and get access.

Partner Education

All BigID courses are designed for partners as well as customers, and offer relevant BigID knowledge to partner teams based on their role, needs and goals around selling, integrating and operating BigID at their respective customer environments. Partners only involved with selling BigID will likely be interested in the Sales Workshop and possibly the Professional course, while partners that deploy, operate and enhance BigID will benefit from deeper technical knowledge across all domains. The Professional course (delivered as a classroom or as a dedicated course) is specifically designed for partners and may offer the best coverage across all relevant knowledge domains in a condensed format.

BigID partners interested in BigID education are encouraged to contact their channel rep or the BigID education team at to discuss specific needs and launch their learning plan.



The BigID certification program is open to everyone, and is designed to help privacy practitioners advance their skills in data privacy, compliance and governance. By achieving BigID certification, companies ensure that their privacy professionals understand state-of-the-art ML-driven discovery and privacy automation approaches, gain the necessary skills to operationalize privacy across the enterprise using the latest data-driven techniques, and ultimately better meet the personal information protection challenges imposed by modern global regulations.

The BigID certification program offers the following tracks and recognitions:


BigID Certified Professional

Focuses on all knowledge domains including general personal data regulations, privacy automation techniques, BigID deployment, usage and value generation, administration and support.

* Based on the BigID Professional course.

BigID Certified User

Focuses on general personal data regulations, privacy automation techniques, BigID usage, use cases and value generation.

* Based on the BigID Professional or User course.

BigID Certified Administrator

Focuses on technical areas related to BigID deployment and operations, including BigID deployment, configuration, maintenance and troubleshooting.

* Based on the BigID Professional or Administrator course.

BigID Certified Expert

Focuses on advanced data governance, privacy and security use cases, practical BigID deployment and operations, and deep hands-on familiarity with all standard usage, administration and support tasks.

* Based on the BigID Expert course.


BigID certifications are offered to all learners who successfully complete the pre-requisite courses for that certification track (and the pre-requisite certifications, if applicable). Each certification emphasizes theoretical and practical aspects in its respective domain, and will be achieved by successfully passing a comprehensive exam.

Certification Benefits

There are tremendous benefits to becoming BigID-certified, both for you and your company.

As an individual, our certification program helps you establish credible knowledge in general data privacy, security, compliance and governance domains, and achieve significant expertise in the BigID solution so you are positioned as an indispensable resource to your employer, your colleagues, and your clients.

As a company, BigID certification can uplift your general privacy practices and provide a new framework to better evaluate your data privacy and governance practice. If you use BigID, the certification can lower costs and improve ROI through better implementation, utilization, and management of the BigID platform.

When you become BigID-certified, you obtain the following benefits:

  • Better understanding of, and ultimately alignment with, general data protection regulations.
  • Elevated competency and higher effectiveness in key BigID value generation, deployment, operational and troubleshooting domains.
  • Reduced reliance on BigID services and support.
  • Industry recognition and credibility as a BigID expert, officially validating your BigID skills and knowledge.
  • Stronger value to your company.
  • Stronger potential for your career advancement.
  • Achievement badge in the BigExchange community.

Certification Exams

The certification exam assesses your mastery of concepts and relevant knowledge areas, as well as your ability to handle practical real-world challenges. It is therefore recommended to take the certification exam only after gaining adequate practical experience.

Certification exams are time-constrained and open-book. They are taken online at the convenience of your own office and computer, and at a later stage will be supervised by a certified testing institute. These exams include a variety of questions that assess your knowledge across all domains relevant to your certification track. The passing score is 80%, and you will receive your official BigID certificate of achievement upon a successful pass.

Learning Resources

BigID Education Portal

All course enrollments and in-class activities are managed via the BigID Education Portal at

For BigID or online classrooms, learners interested in enrolling can do so by creating their own account on the Education Portal, using the calendar or the news pages to find the relevant classroom session and its desired date, and requesting to enroll in it by sending us a message (as explained above).

For dedicated courses, instructions will be provided at the beginning of the session on how to create an account and access the course materials.

Self-paced courses are also offered through this Education Portal, with more details provided later when the self-paced course portfolio is made available.

BigID Training Labs

Many BigID courses include significant hands-on practice, and your practical exercises during class will be conducted on the BigID training lab which offers a complete hands-on learning environment using real BigID systems dedicated for this purpose. In general, learners get access to some or all the following systems for the duration of the training session:

  • A shared system with pre-populated demo data that illustrates key concepts and real-world examples.
  • A personal blank sandbox system, to run full administrative tasks without interfering with each other.
  • A personal blank sandbox host, to practice system installation and all administrative tasks.

Each course flow includes structured exercise flows that leverage the above systems and fully match the accompanying theoretical module, giving the student an opportunity to practice relevant tasks and underscore the real-world context.

Course eBooks

The course eBook (training deck) is the electronic document that contains the course content used in your training, and is normally provided as a PDF document that you may download and retain for future reference. You will find the eBook for your course on the course page in the Education Portal on the first day of class, and you can open and view this eBook on any desktop or mobile platform that can present PDF documents.

Other Knowledge Systems

You may also refer to the official BigID documentation at where field and community knowledge is shared.

Class Logistics

Before class

  • You should arrive to the class with your laptop (Windows or Mac), and this laptop should be able to:
  • All learners must self-enroll in the BigID Education Portal, using their business email address. The enrollment process involves an activation link, so keep an eye for an activation email and check your spam if it hasn’t arrived.
  • If you are traveling to a classroom hosted by BigID, contact us with any questions and recommendations about nearby hotels and transportation.

During class

  • When the session starts, the trainer will share a unique group key for this session.
  • Log in to the Education Portal and use this group key to join the session.
  • After joining the session, you will see the course added to your course list.
  • Select this course to open its content.
  • You may download a copy of the course eBook, which contains all slides and materials covered in class.
  • Sign a sign-in sheet (if passed around) to confirm your attendance.
  • For classes hosted by BigID – lunch is provided.
  • For most courses, you may take a short and optional assessment exam to check your knowledge. This assessment is provided as a separate unit in your course flow.
  • At class conclusion, please help us improve by filling a short survey. This survey is accessible via a separate unit in the course flow (and is also accessible directly at
  • After all course units are completed (as confirmed by selecting the Complete and continue buttons at the bottom of every unit page), make sure to download your certificate of completion and save for your records.

After Class

  • Go over the class materials again to identify any areas where additional clarifications are needed, and contact us with any follow-up questions.
  • If you are interested in BigID certification, we strongly recommend you first obtain some real-world experience with deploying, using and administering the BigID platform, then contact us to schedule the certification exam itself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’m a BigID partner and need to train my team on deploying the platform and generating value. Which training course will be best?

A: This is a very common question, and the answer will be based on your specific needs and constraints. In most cases, you will choose one of two options:

  • Have your entire team take the 2-day Professional course which provides good coverage of all usage and administration topics in a condensed format. BigID Professional courses are offered as BigID classrooms, online classrooms and dedicated courses.
  • Have the ‘users’ in your team take the 2-day User course, and the ‘administrators’ take the 2-day Administrator course (4 total days of training) for more focused, role-specific coverage in each domain.

Often, the decision on which option to take is determined by the team’s responsibilities. If they are ‘generalists’ who are expected to know everything about BigID (using, deploying and administering) then the former option will usually work the best, but if they will be more specialized in either usage or administration but not both, the latter option is recommended.

With either option, you can also consider sending relevant learners to the 2-day Expert course to get significant hands-on practice and deeper coverage of all user and administrator topics relevant for running deployments independently.

Q: My class starts soon and I haven’t received my course eBook yet, when am I supposed to receive it?

A: Couse eBooks are downloadable directly from the BigID Education Portal. You can access and download your course eBook as soon as you join the session group (using a group key provided to you by the trainer when the session starts). If you still have trouble finding your eBook, please notify the trainer or contact us at

Q: The class is over and I have some follow-up questions. Who do I contact?

A: You can contact our education team at any time at or open a support ticket at with any post-class questions or concerns.